Floating School House Project

Re-opening the door to education

In 2013, we re-opened a school in the floating community.  The school had been closed for the past three years.  It is vital that these children be educated in order to have better health and prospects for the future.  This involved restoring a floating building that was donated by UNICEF for this purpose over ten years ago.

Floating School House

During the intervening years, the building deteriorated badly and began sinking – and since the community didn’t have the means to rescue the building, the school was forced to close.  JIA worked hard, along with the community, to restore this building and is getting the community involved so that they can take pride in the school and themselves. Our ultimate solution was that the maintenance of the school would belong to the community itself.

JIA is also empowering local leaders in the floating community by supporting local teachers to teach the children.  As we search for ways of raising funds to keep the school operating for years to come, we can use your help. This includes supporting our local teachers at the school.

Why is this education project so important?  Because one of the root causes of the child sex trade in Cambodia is the lack of education that leaves children and their families without a means of support.  The result is that children are sold into the sex trade. Agape International Missions is partnering with us in this education project.

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